Egyptian Presidential Caricature & Cartoon Contest

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Egyptian presidential candidates
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Arab Cartoon House Website is pleased to announce the commencement of participation in the Egyptian Presidential Caricature & Cartoon Caricature Contest, subject to the following conditions:
Contest them: Egyptian presidential candidates.
Participation can be through caricatures or cartoons.
Participation is available to all cartoonists from all over the world. 
The final date for participation: May 31, 2014. 
The value of the first prize: U.S. $ 200, while the organizing committee is entitled to award it to more than one cartoonist. 
Cartoonists can participate by three artworks max. 
Arab Cartoon House Website has the right to publish, reprint or display the cartoons / caricatures.
Participation has been closed
30% the number of social posts, and the number of ratings. 
70% for the jury.


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