Arab participation in the International Cartoon Festival II in France

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At the invitation of the French municipality of Poinconnet, and with the participation of 40 cartoonists, most of whom are from France, the Syrian cartoonist Saad Hajo and the Algerian cartoonist Nour El Yakine Ferhaoui  have participated in the second session of the International Cartoon Festival " La caricature est aussi une arme" from 23 till 24 November 2013.
Cartoonist Saad Hajo gave a lecture during the Festival on the role of cartoon in the Syrian Revolution through 3 years of its life. During the lecture the development of methods of expression in the Syrian art was highlighted, in general, and the cartoon, in particular, and in an unprecedented way since the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution. The debate was about the local independent press, the methods of journalists work under threat, the new traditions in the Syrian cartoon and posters, in addition to highlighting the state of the Syrians at home and in the Diaspora. Also in the lecture, there was a wide-range debate at the level of the public and the audio-visual media like France 3 channel.
The Algerian cartoonist Nour El Yakine Ferhaoui gave another lecture on the freedom of expression of the cartoonists in North Africa.
A number of Arab cartoonists have also participated with their cartoons in the Festival: the Lebanese France-based cartoonist Habib Haddad, the Algerian cartoonist Fathi, the Syrian Sweden-based cartoonist Sahar Burhan "Saad Hajo's wife".
Cartoons of all participants were displayed in a special hall about the modern conflicts, along with another hall for the cartoons of the 19th  century "sponsored by a local museum", and an award was granted to children's cartoons during the festival.
The following video shows samples of the cartoons presented by Saad Hajo, in addition to some of the cartoons by Hajo and Nour El Yakine along with some pictures of the festival.

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