Backlash against a cartoon for Palestinian female cartoonist

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A cartoon of the Palestinian female cartoonist Majda Shaheen raised wide backlash, insulting and swearword campaigns against the cartoonist upon publishing a cartoon on her page in facebook – it has been deleted later – in which she depicted the Head of the ruling authority in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, with a dog on which the phrase "Al-Quds Brigades“ was written, in reference to the pressure by Hamas, who control the Gaza Strip, on "Al-Quds Brigades"; the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, to prevent firing missiles on the Palestinian territories occupied since 1948, in response to the Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip.
The Palestinian cartoonist has published an apology on her page, saying, "I want to apologize for the cartoon I published about Al-Quds Brigades and Hamas. My intention was to convey the idea to you, clearly and strictly, however, there are many who prefer to deal with things superficially rather than in-depth understanding of the idea to be convoyed.” However, it did not intercede for her by many, and the accusations and insults continued, some of which have reached to threatening her and calling to retaliate against her, while some of the comments have posted a picture of the Egyptian Dr. Majda Chahe Majda Shaheen, on which the word "Execution" was written, thinking that she is the Palestinian cartoonist Majda Shaheen.
The official page of Al-Quds Brigades in Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank has published on its Facebook page a request for help to identify the cartoonist’s real character and place of residence, which means the intention of the Movement or some of its members to retaliate against the cartoonist.
At the Arab Cartoon House website, we hold Hamas, who control the Gaza Strip, the full responsibility for the safety of the cartoonist.

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