Cartoons depicting the Prophets Mohamed and Jesus trigger widespread controversy in UK

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Maajid Nawaz twitter cartoon (we added the black cover)

Controversy continues in UK upon publishing cartoon of the comic's series "Jesus And Mo", by the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrat party, Maajid Nawaz in his twitter account.

The main characters in "Jesus And Mo", are the Prophets Jesus and Mohamed, peace be upon them, the series issued by a British site for the comics series which was launched in 2005 by unknown author

The story began during a BBC program with Maajid Nawaz over free speech, where some students were wearing T-shirts on which the characters of the cartoon series "Jesus And Mo" were depicted, as wearing these shirts became a matter of principle, especially after preventing some students in Atheists and Secularists society to enter a school before covering up or taking off the T-shirts that contain cartoons of such series.

The BBC refused to show the T-shirts that contain these cartoons, sparking further discussion on this subject, where the opinion of Muslims attendants was that these cartoons were offensive and hurt the feelings of Muslims. Contrarily, the opinion of Maajid Nawaz was that the cartoons had no offense. After the program had finished, he published the cartoon via his Twitter account with a sentence saying that he thought his God was bigger than to find offense at something like this.

That tweet brought waves of anger and killing threats to Maajid Nawaz from several groups, that the UK police appear to have advised him to keep his head down and not make public appearances for a while.

On his Facebook page, Maajid Nawaz posted a semi-apology in which he said that he was seeking to clarify his point of view via such cartoon, and that he disagrees with those who tried to explain his views in an unintended way, apologizing if he had caused any offense by expressing his personal views, and stressing his belief in Islam and free speech.

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